Austin Small Business Lawyer

Small Business Formation

Often the most important decisions you make for your small business are the first ones. Early stage business planning has a long-term effect on the development of your company; there are a number of important legal and business strategies for you to consider, including:

  • How do I form my new business?
  • Should I incorporate or should I run a sole proprietorship?
  • What if I have a business partner? Should I form a general partnership?
  • Which company formation will give me the best tax advantages?
  • How can I protect my personal assets?
  • What is the best structure to use for my tax needs?
  • How can I protect my trade secrets and practices?
  • Partnership or not? What happens if my partner and I have a dispute

If you have any of these thoughts, you definitely need to consult with an attorney because your good intentions to commence your dream or business can expose to serious financial risks. The Law Office of Mario Flores will work with your tax advisor to help answer these questions so that your investments, business interests and peace of mind are protected and satisfied.

Ongoing Concerns

As a small business owner, your life is already busy with a never ending list of things that need your attention. Don’t add to your workload and go it alone. Talk to Austin Small Business Attorney Mario Flores and allow his knowledge and experience to guide you through the many rules, regulations and requirements all small business owners face. When you have questions, Austin Attorney Mario Flores can guide you and explain to you how to best handle your business questions and business related situations that seem to pop up when you have other things on your schedule. Critical decisions need experienced assistance. Prolonging your questions can cost your business, your clients and your peace of mind. Retaining a small business attorney like Mario Flores in conjunction with your tax advisor can help you begin to address the following ongoing concerns:

  • What do I need to know about relocating my business?
  • I want to open an additional location, are there any regulations that would prevent this?
  • Do I need contract employees or hourly employees?
  • Someone has offered to purchase my business, now what?
  • What will happen to my business if I cannot work?
  • How can I sell my business and retire?
  • My competitors are using my name brands, can I sue them?
  • My clients are not paying me for services rendered?
  • What can I do to improve my contracts?
  • Can a contract insulate me from oral representations my employee may make?
  • What type of collection efforts can I make without violating Texas and Federal collection laws?

Help! I’m Being Sued!

Many small business owners fail to consider that having a relationship with a small business attorney like Mario Flores can offer protection when faced with a lawsuit or claims for damages. The key to a successful business is understanding the various risks your business might encounter and addressing those risks before they spiral out of control. The Law Office of Mario Flores has worked with many business owners to proactively plan for those unforeseen and unintended consequences from operating a business. Obtaining sound legal advice to ensure that your company and your personal assets are insulated provides the necessary peace of mind all business owners seek.

Contact the Law Office of Mario Flores, PLLC, for additional information about your legal options. We can also provide legal assistance with immigration, estate planning and family law matters.