Resolving Will Disputes in Austin, TX

Resolving Will Disputes in Austin, TX

Talk to attorney Flores about family settlement agreements

Litigation isn’t the only way to resolve trust and estate disputes. The Law Office of Mario Flores, PLLC offers an alternative in Austin, TX—family settlement agreements.

A family settlement agreement is used to figure out how to distribute an estate or trust when heirs can’t agree. Attorney Flores is a skilled negotiator. He’ll listen to the needs of all parties involved and come up with a reasonable solution.

You won’t get a standard response when you hire attorney Flores. Everything he tells you will be honest and unique to your situation. Call 512-582-2728 today to iron out the details of your family settlement agreements.

The benefits of family settlement agreements

Pursuing a family settlement agreement in Austin, TX is a smart choice. Here’s why:

  • You can avoid a costly and lengthy litigation process.
  • You can resolve family issues without public scrutiny.
  • You can protect yourself against future liability.

Attorney Flores is ready to help your family come up with reasonable solutions to estate and trust issues. Contact him right away to put those disputes behind you.