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Waivers Attorney in Austin, Texas


What is a waiver and why would you need to obtain it? There are several reasons you might need to obtain a waiver.

For instance, if you entered the United States without proper documentation or you failed to leave the United States on a timely basis you can create a ban from entering the US ranging from three years to 10 years. If this happens, then you will need to file for a Hardship Waiver to permit reentry into the United States.

Certain offenses will automatically bar you from entry into the United States. But in some cases, such as youthful indiscretions and certain criminal offenses a waiver could allow you entry.

Please call the Law Office of Mario Flores if you are undocumented or if you have experienced some criminal problems. I can discuss your options. For example, any deals you make to resolve your criminal dilemma may restrict you from staying or even requesting permission to remain in the United States.

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