How to Avoid Will Litigation in Austin, TX

How to Avoid Will Litigation in Austin, TX

Visit attorney Flores to file an affidavit heirship

Did your loved one die without a will? If your loved one did leave a will, did you fail to go through the probate process in time? Don’t worry—you can get the help you need at The Law Office of Mario Flores, PLLC. Attorney Flores has helped numerous Austin, TX residents file for affidavit heirship.

An affidavit heirship is used to transfer a deceased loved one’s interest in real property to heirs. Attorney Flores will set the proper expectations for your situation from the outset. He’ll evaluate your specific situation to provide dependable advice and guidance.

Litigation is always the last option for attorney Flores. He’ll do his best to help you resolve will disputes outside of court. That way, you can save money and time. Contact attorney Flores today to find out if an affidavit heirship is the best option for you.

What will filing an affidavit heirship do?

An affidavit heirship will spell out everything a will should have done. It will establish:

Who the legal heirs are
What the property is
Who will get ownership of the property

Attorney Mario Flores is well-versed in preparing and filing affidavit heirships in Austin, TX. He’ll guide you through the entire process. Reach out to attorney Flores right away for more information.