Decide How Your Assets Will be Distributed

Decide How Your Assets Will be Distributed

Probate Attorney in Austin, TX

Probate is the legal process the court uses to authorize and recognize the transfer of your property to your heirs in the event of your death. Even if you have a will, the court will still have to rule on how your assets will be handled. When handled correctly, estate planning can reduce the impact that probate proceedings have on your family and assets.

At The Law Office of Mario Flores, PLLC, we realize how confusing probate law can be. It’s often difficult to figure out which of your assets are controlled by probate laws and which aren’t. You don’t want your family to feel confused or stressed about financial matters during an already emotional time. Reach out to your probate attorney today by calling 512-582-2728.

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Everyone’s situation is unique, which is why we’ll hold a personal and confidential consultation to determine the best way to protect your loved ones and your assets. Attorney Mario Flores has the experience needed to help you make the right choices for your situation. Call now for legal help with probate law in Austin, TX.